Materials for Existing Clients - Guidelines - Single Slice Abdominal CT Guidelines

Test Scans

Test scans are required by Tufts to ensure that all sites are capable of following the guidelines outlined in the Single Slice Abdominal CT SOP provided by Tufts.

Tufts uses test scans as quality control so these test scans may be performed on a "phantom" or on a live patient.

Once your site has sent a test scan to Tufts and received approval, you may begin scanning patients for the study. If approval is not given, Tufts will contact your site with instructions for correcting the problems with your test scan.

Single Slice Abdominal CT Scan Guidelines

The following are guidelines that must be followed when sending single slice abdominal CT scans to Tufts University. While most sites will be able to follow these guidelines exactly, Tufts understands that some scanners are not capable. If your scanner cannot use the settings outlined below, please contact the Tufts research technician at (617) 636-3745 to discuss alternative settings. To minimize errors in study data, it is important that all sites follow the same guidelines when acquiring abdominal CT scans.

Scan Time 1 second or 1000 milliseconds
Image Resolution 512 x 512 pixels
Slice Thickness 10 millimeters
Tube Voltage 120 kV
Tube Current 170 mA
Display Field of View (DFOV) Must be the same size at each time point for a given patient

*When choosing a DFOV, allow enough room to fit the entire area of the abdominal CT slice. For a given patient, the same DFOV must be used at each time point throughout the study to ensure quality control.